Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What happened to Integrity, Ethics and Honor?

I have been watching our political landscape lately and frankly I am sick and tired of the bs.  This is not coming from fear I am genuinely concerned about how we negate the truth in place of lies.  We as Americans are going through hard times but we can get through this if we unite, organize, boycott all businesses who took their businesses, jobs and money out of our country and banks.  We then get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank and create our own economy and print our own money interest free. Within our respective communities we have people who invent and make things we need.  Did you know that the man who made the saw that helped those miners in Chili to safety came from this country.  That is a business we need to support and he is someone who made that saw here in this country.  We have entrapreneurs like that all over America and we need to know who they are and begin supporting them and ourselves. 

We have allowed the lack of integrity, ethics, honor, justice and reciprocity to invade our space within our personal lives, relationships, work life, interpersonal life and we accept it from our journalists our political leaders to the point where no one is held accountable for their actions.  It has gotten so bad we are now in debt so deep that our children, their children and their children will have to pay a debt we didn;t even incur nor did we ask for.  We just didn't do anything and at this point in time in our history that inaction is not acceptable.

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