Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why We Should Vote

Hi everyone my name is Khummit Hatshepsitu, Special K- don’t let the name fool you I was born and raised right here in North Philadelphia. Were you glued to the television last night looking at the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Ryan? It was great I just wanted Vice President Biden and President Obama to answer the constant and consistent statement both Ryan and Romney kept saying there are 23 million people out of work with “if your special interests friends stop exporting jobs out of the country maybe there would be 23 million jobs that would be filled.” I am writing this little piece because there have been a lot of people telling me they really don’t know if they are going to vote or even if they really want to vote.

I am 62 years young and I remember when my family moved to North Philly near 29th and Lehigh Aves. There were still Jewish people living there at the time and it was very beautiful. At that time we lived on a tree lined street with a water plug in the middle of the block which served a few purposes. If there was a fire the firemen could use the water plug to put out the fire. During the summer the children could cool off under the water plug on the real hot days. More importantly there were plenty of jobs, we lived not far from what was called “Garment Square”. Botany 500 was on the west side corner of Broad and Lehigh Ave. They made men’s suits and clothes for the country.
Right across the street on the east side was Stetson they made hats not only for the country but the world. There were factories all up and down Broad Street to Alleghany Ave. and from 24th and Alleghany all the way to Kensington where clothes were made. We made skirts, blouses, sweaters, in fact Arnold Palmer Sweaters were made right here in Philadelphia in one of those factories where they did piece work.

Philadelphia is where there were a lot of firsts we made shoes, boots, tailor made shirts and shoes. The point I want to make is that the reason there are no jobs in this country is the result of a compound effect. Thanks to Mr. Darren Harvey I learned a lot about the compound effect. After President John F. Kennedy was murdered and Lyndon B. Johnson (a closet Republican) took office the jobs began to leave our fair city in a very slow, imperceptible way. They moved the entire textile industry to North Carolina. We used to hear all the time that if you want a good job you had to go down South. After that move to North Carolina they moved the jobs to China. See not only did Nixon devalue the dollar he also opened the door to our manufacturing companies leaving our country and starting over in China for the cheap labor. I want to digress for a moment to say I came from a family that believed in being servants by helping your neighbors and your community. They also supported the unions. My parents worked for Byberry State Hospital my dad was a cook and my mother was a nurse. They helped 1199C by getting signatures of the people who worked there while the union people were in the basement. My parents risked their lives, livelihoods, homes and family like so many others for the unions. See at that time the unions really fought for their members we had a lot of Jimmy Hoffa’s out there. But after a while union officials began sleeping with management, afraid when the management threatened that they were going to take their jobs overseas, they buckled under to management. And they still took their jobs overseas back then just like they are doing now.

President Woodrow Wilson said in 1913, “That the manufacturers and capitalists run this country.” They have made the United States government the arm to do what they want to do such as but not limited to starting wars, using the media to tell their side of the story, so they can export terrorism around the world. They are America’s “INTERESTS” who tell us what economic policies the government should employ. These policies are not in the best interests of Americans. President Wilson said “America is a foster child of Special Interests.” Who and what are these Special Interests? Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Target, Walmart, Exxon/Mobile, BP Oil, Chevron, Micro Soft, Apple, Hershey and all the other companies who took their businesses, jobs and money out of this country.

See the Compound Effect is an operating system that has effectively destroyed the moral fiber of our country, it has take damn near all your money. Again we have to go back in time so the people in Paul Ryan’s age group can understand how we really got here. In 1971 Nixon took us off the gold standard what that means is up until Nixon our money was backed by gold, but when Nixon devalued our dollar it was backed by air. If he had left it alone we would have been able to pay off our debt. Everything Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are talking about was already tried and done with the same results over and over again.

Alexander Hamilton said the same thing he was a proponent for big business. Andrew Mellon became the Treasurer and said the same trickle down effect, he made deep cuts for the rich and ten years later the result was the crash of 1929. When Reagan and the Elder Bush were in office, jobs were still leaving but not with the speed of the younger Bush. It wasn’t until now in 2012 when it’s affecting the Middle Class
that we are hearing it’s a problem. The jobs are not coming back the reason all of the businesses are literally running to China, India, Latin,
Central and South America and now Afrika is because in China there are 325 Chinese consumers to 1 American consumer who want their products and services. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of their shit and as far as I am concerned they can come back and get the rest of their shit and keep it moving. Romney who is running for President has outsourced jobs to other countries.

We have to do a reality check and look at what has happened since the Federal reserve hit the scene how many crashes have we had? Just look at what happened in 2008 at the height of the housing crisis, the fed gave Libya $125 million dollars, France and Germany also got paid. Senator Bernie found out about this through the freedom of information act. Not one penny was given to a United States business or family. In 2010, 9 trillion dollars went missing, during the hearings the answers were not forth coming from the people who are supposed to audit the feds activities. There was another article asking where did the $40 million dollars go? The Fed has to go to. In July of 2005, did you know the People’s Bank of China took control of the Fed? Did you know that in an interview on CNN in September of the 2005, it came out that George W. Bush had borrowed money everyday of the year from China, Japan, Britain, Korea and Saudi Arabia? Clinton gave out this information in the interview. Can you imagine the interests that built up from the time he got into office until he left? This was a time for everyone to come together to pull our country out of this hole.

Instead Ryan and his racists cohorts were so angry that we had the audacity to put a Black man in the white house they made it their personal mission to make America and Americans suffer. Anytime anything came up to make things better for our country they voted against it. No matter what Obama put on the table they voted it against us as Americans. Right here in Philadelphia, 10 teenagers from West Philadelphia High School made a Super Hybrid Car that did not run off of gas. They used biodiesel fuel. That car could have revolutionized the automobile industry, it could have put America back on the map because everyone in the world would want to buy our cars. Some rich Texan I was told bought the patent so Americans would still be held hostage to the damn oil industry. Can I get some help in telling them to come and get their shit and get out of our country. I am talking about the oilmen from Texas because they are here in Pennsylvania contaminating our water system. We have a real live Erin Brockavich situation with people dying, hair falling out, the horses hair is falling out the people are sick and the EPA a government agency is doing absolutely nothing except bringing them water. They tried to tell the people in Dimock, Pa. that the contaminated dark brown damn near black water was safe to drink. This is what putting 86 toxic chemicals into the earth for fracking will do, KILL the land and soil.

Monsanto, another one of America’s special interests, can someone please explain to me how did a company who specializes in germ, biological and chemical warfare become in charge of our food supply?
How is Monsanto even allowed to come near our soil with his chemical warfare agents Round up which contained 2,4D and 2,4,5T the same compounds used in Agent Orange until 1985 or 87? Why are pharmaceutical companies allowed to sterilize our daughters and sons under the guise of preventing HPV when everyone knows hpv comes from men not 9 year old little girls? And please explain to me why is a extremely toxic roach pesticide (sodium borate which was banned by the medical industry) in the hpv and flu shots that are given to children?
And why is the sterilizing chemical polysorbate 80 which is not to be taken intravenously doing in the hpv and flu vaccines?`

I am bringing these tid bits up because the white house needs to be cleaned out. We all voted for President Barack Obama for REAL CHANGE and he did do some things. Our President said when he took office “I cannot do this by myself.” We yes America we left him alone, we cannot make that same mistake again. We cannot get caught up in the smoke and mirrors of a fake boogie man, Syria which is a Christian country, Iran who does not have nuclear weapons. I guess only the only white country in the region can have over 150 nukes in their arsenal.
We Afrikan Americans have lost the power to vote, yet our sons and daughters go to fight for other people to have a right to vote. As mothers and wives and girlfriends we have to worry about our men coming home because the new jim crow law say you can kill a Black and Latino man legally and be home for dinner. Yet, we have to hear about someone in another country killing his people. I’m sorry, let me get this right it is okay to legally kill Black people here but these same Black people who can’t vote or have the right to life are supposed to fight for other people to have democracy when we don’t have it here.

We voted for an Obama Administration instead we have a Bush/Clinton Administration. We want what we voted for the first time and to get the change we voted for we are going to have to be committed to building.
Using the operating system the Compound Effect to get our country back on track beginning with getting that Supercar built ASAP. As Americans we have to take little steps like having a real genuine discussion on RACE. We have to stop supporting companies and businesses that are not here on American soil, we can make our own clothes. There is a seamstress in every neighborhood, there are guys in the hoods all over this country that know how to make computers, chips and mother boards. We can get back to work we just have to get rid of the parasites who have sucked the blood out of our country and our 401k’s and pensions. The next time they take your money you better stalk them until you get every penny back. When we do go to vote we have to commit to save our futures with education not prisons. Four manufacturing companies have relocated to China, that means there is room for us to pool our resources to build our own manufacturing companies throughout the country.

If you are like me and want a car that does not need gas, then lets commit to building that sustainable car and nothing and no one is going to get in our way. We are fighting Americans we can get out of this debt we just have to Flip The Script Because Its Time. 

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